The foundation was created to meet the new needs of digital imagery. It harmonizes the complexion and does

not accentuate wrinkles, leaving natural-looking skin, and meets the needs of all women who want a beautiful

complexion in daylight.



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Contact Us

Karout mall: hadat, chevrolet, level GF, 01.542077 ext 2090

Le mall Saida: Saida, level GF, 07.755468/478

Tyre: Abu Dib Street: 07.345646

Bekaa - Cascada Mall: +961 8 512727

Head Office: 01.542077 ext 2031/2032

About Us

Aroma All about Beauty is a Cosmetic & Fragrances company
It was established on 2010, and divided between three branches: cosmetics and fragrances shop at Le Mall saida, karout Mall, Cascada Mall and Tyre.

The name AROMA comes from the classic Greek word “Aroma” which means “sweet odor”.

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